We’ve built a platform to help rollout Blockchain & NFT use-cases.

NFTready is a platform to easily build blockchain and NFT applications, readily deploy your use-cases without the usual tech hassles.

Our Web 3.0 ready frameworks helps you build new Web 3.0 applications by an easy plug-n-play.

Take advantage of World’s best NFT and Blockchain Infrastructure. Create Blockchain tokens, Smart Contracts, NFTs and explode your boundaries.

  – Ready to consume API calls

  – Plug and Play NFT Infrastructure

  – Reduce development time to 2 weeks flat

  – Go-live with NFTs and Blockchain Tokens at top speed

Take Control of your Blockchain Tokens, NFT and Contract functionality, Improve Rollout Time and Reduce Development Costs

power of Blockchain


COINready framework is a plug-and-play Blockchain tokenization framework, which helps enterprises and startups adopt blockchain tokens readily.

This product enables you to rapidly adopt tokenization technology in your existing products without spending any time and effort on Blockchain development from scratch.

Bring your Blockchain business use-cases to life with the ease of implementation with COINready framework. Adopt, integrate and enhance with ease to create the Blockchain product of your dreams.

Ready NFT Framework


NFTready is a plug-and-play framework that can be integrated with enterprise systems and startups to enable NFT create, upload and download.

NFTready enables usecases for crypto art, digital collectibles, prove authenticity of real estate and logistics and other unique and collectible goods.

NFTready has unique applications in the arts, entertainment, and business world, and enables rapid enablement of interesting NFT use cases and ideas that should go mainstream.

Contracting at your finger tips


With CONTRACTready smart contract framework, enterprises and startups can readily implement the power of Smart Contract in their existing applications.

We demonstrate the property registration, document upload, and contract execution use-case here in this application using the CONTRACTready framework.

Readymade Smart contracts on Ethereum designed in Solidity can enable your Insurance, Finance, Legal, M&A, and other business usecases with the minimum intermediary presence and maximum RoI


Key Features

Use the below ready frameworks to tap the power of Blockchain, NFT and Smart Contracts in your applications

Readymade Crypto Wallet for your applications

Advanced tokenization features like Mint tokens, Micro-tipping and Transfer tokens in a flash

Readymade NFT Wallets to store your NFT assets

Advanced NFT features like Mint NFTs, Buy NFTs, Sell NFTs and Transfer all the NFTs in a flash

Readymade Contracts to store your contracts on Blockchain

Advanced features like Create Contracts, Create documentation, Save Contract transaction in a flash

NFTready Business Applications

Key Business Usecases

Deploy NFTready framework in days, instead of months, to create Blockchain, NFT and Smart Contract applications

AUCTIONready is a plug-and-play usecase available within our framework, which will enable NFT auctionplaces within your application.

Property registration is another use-case available within our framework, which automates property registration process and stores registration information on Blockchain.

Micro-loans can be easily automated using our CONTRACTready framework, in which borrower and lender information and the contract between them can be stored as an smart contract on blockchain.

Insurance contracts can be readily automated using our CONTRACTready framework, in which insurer and insurance purchaser information and the contract between them can be stored as an smart contract on blockchain.

Meet The Team

Executive team

NFTready Team combines a passion for Blockchain, NFT, industry experise & proven record in technology, product development, marketing & software sales.

Naren Lokwani
Founder & CEO

2X Startup, 21 yrs of rich software experience Ex-Infosys, Cognizant, Capgemini, IIM-B

Priyanka Suryawanshi

Experienced HR Professional with a demonstrated exp in IT & FMCG Industry


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NFTready is unique plug-and-play platform; that provides a ready to use, smart and easy-to-integrate framework, and is completely disrupting the way businesses deploy Blockchain and NFT use-cases.

NFTready saves you months of development time, and thousands of dollars of development cost, opportunity cost and hassle to build your own Blockchain & NFT framework.

NFTready takes you forward by at least 6-9 months in your Blockchain and NFT use-case rollouts.

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